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The Complete Guide to Bing Rewards and how to use Bing Rewards Bot for Auto pilot Earning:

Bing Rewards launched in 2010 as a way to incentivize the

use of the Bing search engine. Sure, it seems a bit like Bing

is bribing people to use their search engine, but loyalty programs are pretty common in other industries.

With Bing Rewards, members earn credits for searching using Bing, checking out new features, and performing other tasks. As long as you’re signed in to your Bing Rewards account, you can earn credits while searching onany device.

Bing has steadily increased their U.S. search engine

market share in recent years, climbing from 16.3% at the

end of 2012 to 18.2% in December 2013 . By September

2014, searches on Bing accounted for 19.4% of all U.S.

searches . It’s a trend we’ve seen across our client accounts

at WordStream, as well, with modest but steady increases in

Bing search volumes.

Could it be because of their Bing Rewards loyalty program?

But what are Bing Rewards Bot and how can you use them? Use this table of contents to find the information you’re looking for:

Bing Rewards Bot: Features and Benefits

Bing Rewards Loyalty Levels: Member, Silver & Gold


Earning More Bing Rewards Credits

Redeeming Bing Rewards: What Can You Get for Using


Bing Rewards FAQs

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Bing Reward Bots: Features and Benefits

The Bing Rewards program allows you to earn credits for

searching on Bing, using new Bing features, or trying

certain other Microsoft products and services.

Bing Rewards are tracked through a credit counter on your

browser (Internet Explorer 7 or later, or the latest version

of Firefox, Chrome or Safari), which appears in the top

right corner of any page you’re visiting.

Alternatively, you can download and install the Bing Bar ,

which has a Bing Rewards button and credit counter. Mobile

users can also access Bing Rewards through their default

mobile web browser.

Bing Rewards members can earn points for using Bing –

consider it a frequent flyer program for searchers. It’s a

tiered program, so more credits are available to upper

level members.

Bing Rewards Loyalty Levels: Member, Silver & Gold Benefits

Bing Rewards offers more perks to those who reach their higher status membership levels. The first tier is ‘Member’ and is the entry-level for new members. Members get credits for using Bing for their searches and for daily offers. Once a Member completes the Welcome to Rewards tour, redeems their first reward and has accumulated at least 200 credits, they move up to Silver level. With the promotion, Bing Rewards Silver members get a 50 credit bonus.

The highest Bing Rewards level is Gold, which members can

attain once they’ve earned 750 lifetime credits and are

performing 150 qualifying searches on Bing each month.

Once a member reaches Gold level, they get up to 10% off

their rewards redemptions. Earning More Bing Rewards Credits

Bing Rewards offers members different ways to accumulate credits. Using Bing for searches on your PC gives you 1 credit for every 2 searches, up to a maximum of 15 credits per day.

As you complete the available Bing Rewards credit tasks,

you’ll see them checked off in your dashboard and in the

drop-down from your browser credit counter

Other ways to earn On Bing Rewards:

Invite friends to use Bing Rewards and earn 100 credits for each friend who reaches Silver status (for a maximum of 500 credits). Use Bing for mobile searches and earn 1 credit for every 2 searches, up to a maximum of 10 credits per day. Complete the tasks in your Bing Rewards dashboard. This is where Bing posts special offers that are typically worth 1 credit each, in exchange for completing a task. For example, as I’m writing this, Bing is offering 1 credit if you use the MSN Food & Drink App, and another if you explore.

Bing’s most popular features on a special web resource they

created (see above).

Bing also offers special rewards incentives and limited-

time promotions. When these are available, you’ll see the

announcement on the Bing Blog.

You used to be able to sign in with your Facebook account,

but Microsoft and Facebook must have fallen out of love

because that option has been phased out. Bing Rewards

users can only use their Facebook account to login until

February 15, 2015. After that, you’ll need a Microsoft

account. Navigate over to Bing Rewards to get started .

Remember, it’s only open to U.S. residents and even then,

Americans can’t earn or redeem credits while traveling

abroad (unless they’re using a proxy server, shhh).

You’ll have to give your phone number so Bing Rewards can

verify the account and VOIP numbers aren’t permitted.

Incase you need a verified U.s Number for verification or you need the Bing Rewards Bot Url, feel free to Pm me on whatsapp via +2348144289812 or use the comment box.

Happy Earning!!!

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