Are you looking to boost your earnings a little more by freelancing,well you are at the right place at the right time listening to the right information.

Freelancing is the act of rendering a service that you are greatly skilled in not just for the money but for your passion and hard work to get noticed.I present to you this is the right place for you to monetize your skills by selling your services to clients/customers from all over the world

Brief History About Fiverr:

Fiverr was launched in february 2010 and is a large outsourcing market place where you get paid for offering a wide range of services for just $5.This platform makes work easier for clients by making the services cheap and the freelancer also get a fair share of the bargain.

Services rendered on Fiverr:

*Writing & Translation

*Graphic Design

*Website Design

*Video Creation

*Link Building

*Logo Design


*Landingpage Design

*E-book Cover Design

*Editing/proof reading

*Businesscard Design

*Flyer Design

*Infographic Design

*Blog Installation etc…..

Making Money On Fiverr:

This platform has over 3 million registered users both freelancers and clients.Now that you know all this,let us move to the business aspect of this.For you to make money like people at the top,you must do what they did because this will help you avoid many costly mistakes that most new fiverr users do.


Figure out which services you can render,you need to have a vision and a passion for success.You must have an area of specialization,an adorable and unmatchable skill before heading to register.Why? Since you are going to make money on this platform by selling your services,note that you are not the only person on fiverr with that skill.So as it is,the better man gets the contract.

Examples of some high demand services are Content writing,link building,website/landing page design,editing/proof reading,video creation etc…..And if you are not so sure of your skill,take your time to improve them before applying for fiverr.


Register with

Once you have a basic skill in hand,the next thing is to register with fiverr to become a seller.To do this follow this steps:


-Click the join link at the top right corner

-Enter your email adress in the pop-up form and click continue.

-Enter your preferred username and password and click join.

-You will be snt an activation link to click on your email to confirm if it is truly your account.

-That done,you will see a notification telling you that you have ceated your account successfully.

-You will be required to complete your profile (Never fake Anything)


Create your own Gig

To create a gig, go to where your username was written at the top right corner,you will see a drop down menu.Click “start selling” and follow this steps:

*On the next page click create a Gig

*Input your gig title in the space provided (This is a description of what you can do)

*Choose a category and sub-category for your gig

*Upload one or more images that shed more lights on your gig

*In the space for description,write at length details about your gig and all what your client needs to know.

*Enter tag in the space provided,it will enable clients to easily find you.

*Specify the maximum duration it will take you to deliver each gig.

*Click the save and continue button

*On the next page,you will be required to set the pricing for your gig extra,click save and continue.

*You can upload a video that talks more about your gig or you can skip the link

*Enter the details  you would need from your buyer to get started with the gig and dont forget to save.

*On the next page,you will be notified that your gig is alive and you can share it using the social buttons provided.


O desk


Smashing jobs


Go freelance

99 designs and lots more

If you are rendering a service that is not offered by many,u can get clients faster even without promoting or advertising your gig.Now make sure you put in the required effort and dont give is just a matter of time when you start getting paid for your passion

Happy Earning!!

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