Minenaira Review- Get paid on AutoSurf


What is Minenaira?

Minenaira Income program came up along with other schemes like NNU, WAKANDA, NEWSPAY, ZINOLY, CLICKENY, POSTRENDY, BLOG9JA ETC

Some of the afore mentioned sites have been puttingsmiles on people’s face for some time now before hackers created imitation sites like the above mentioned paid-to-do sites and have been using this mediumto scam people off their hard earned money.

Minenaira Review: Scam or Legit, we shall find out after reading this post to the end. 

Most of the sites mentioned above pays its users for doing some little things online like, Reading of posts, Commenting on posts, Sharing of  Sponsored posts on Social Media and also referring people to join the program.


Minenaira also known as “Mine Naira” requires its users to open a tab on their browser and their system takes care of the mining while you earn. Most Importantly, Always leave your browser open for automatic mining process.

You might be thinking how you want to get paid on this platform, Minenaira have Google ads running on their main website and also run their own advertisements. With over 27,000+ users, payment is not Minenaira’s problem.

How to join Minenaira

How to join Minenaira is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is join either their Free/Vip plan

What are their Differences?

Free Plan

  • You get 5% referral earnings on any successful registration
  • Payment threshold is N5,000
  • Payout occurs just twice a month (15 days interval)
  • Payment waiting time is up to 7 days or more


  • You get 20% referral earnings on any successful registration
  • Payment threshold is N2,000
  • Payout occurs just 4 times in a month (7 days interval)
  • Payment waiting time is up to 3 days or more

How to make money on Minenaira

Here is where we are going to. Here are the things youneed to know about Minenaira.

  1. Minenaira does not support Multiple accounts
  2. You will get paid by keeping a window in your browser open.
  3. You refer people to earn more money
  4. Payment is via Paypal/Bank transfer
  5. Fast payments

MinenairaReferral Link

To join this wonderful income program, click this link Register here to get started. You can startout with the free plan and when you have started cashing out, you can opt forthe VIP plan to enjoy even morebenefits.

Happy Earning!!!

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