What is Digital Marketing Analytics?


What is Digital Marketing Analytics?

Digital marketing also known as data driven marketing is the act of selling digital products or services using digital technologies and mainly on the internet or any other digital or advertising medium.

What are Digital products?

Digital products are intangible goods that exist in digital form and cannot be copied,which have to be manufactured in quantity and sold either through downloads or physical support.

Types of Digital products and Their Marketing Analytics

There are lots and lots of digital goods/products right now but for you to be successful at this you have to represent a product that is popular and also in high demand from clients/customers.Here are some of them:







*Website and Domain


*Web element and lots more

Now i shall take my time to explain few of the marketing analytics out of them and you can choose whichever works for you most.


What is an ebook?

Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book consisting of text and images readable by a computer or any specifically handheld device.

What do i need?

What is the use of a farmer going to his farm without a hoe and cutlass.what do i mean by that,information is not just enough.You need to apply what you are learning and the best way to do so is to have the right tools at your disposal.Below are the things you need for the ebook you are trying to create.

1.Credit/Debit card

This should be a web surfer card and it is what you are going to use for all your transaction,payments and advertisement online.

2.A Hot Product

After getting your card you also need a product that is in high demand (An article) that people would just love to purchase because of what it can do for them.

3.Auto Responder

You also need an autoresponder to store info and collect information/email of potential buyers instead of directing them to your page.


This is where all details and benefits will be


1.Write ebook:Use a good header and write juicy content

2.Outline ebook content:No typographical error and enough space between lines,paragraphs and words

3.Effective ebook copy:Use headings with easy to understand words

4.Design your ebook:Use both powerpoint and in-design to make your ebook attractive

5.Right colour:Use the right colour so as not to have colour mixing error

6.Incorporate visuals:Dont just put images for putting sake,use it to enhance your readers better understanding of your ebook.

7.Highlight quote or stats:Make sure your designs add value to your content

Having created your ebook you still need to:

*Create a call to action button

*Create a landing page

*Promote your ebook

*Track your ebook’s success

*Launch your ebook

A great man said and i quote him “Getting started is the secret of getting ahead” now go do it and thank me later


Podcasts are series of digital audio or video files which a user can d

ownload and listen to.You can offer podcast as a way to show your passion and looking at the world today,approximately 90 percentage of the whole world takes the media as their number one advertising spot.You will make money but let us look at how to create that podcast.

What do i need?


2.Frequency and lenghty records

3.Software:Audacity or Garageband


*Record your audio and make sure to follow a rhythm to make it sonorous to the ears 

*Optimise your audio:once you’ve made your title, description, and other

ID3 info attractive, optimize your podcast.

Keywords are not everything.

Search engines look for broken links and missing data

in podcast entries. Make sure everything works


After you’ve ensured that all links work and there

are no errors, think about placement. More is NOT

more on the web. Just as redundant copy can drop

the rankings on a page, having your podcast in tons

of listings can make it LESS visible.

*Create an Rss feed for your audio

*Host your Podcast recordings


How do i make money through this?

During the course of research,o have been able to discover 8 wonderful ways for you to earn through ur podcast


*Books and audiobooks

*Virtual summit

*Podcast sponsorship


*Affiliate marketing

*Crowd funding




Themes can be referred to as an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature.

*Download your Theme creator and go to basic then locate the home icon.

*Then go to menu and click kitkat editor

*Select colors that fit

*Select preferred image editor

*Customize it

*Save as png or jpeg for the theme creator to be able to access it.

*You have successfully created a kitkat theme

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